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Welcome To The World Of Zukul

Zukul was created out of correctly channeled anger and frustration of the numerous failed online businesses and scams that the founders were sucked in to previously.

Zukul empowers small-business owners, entrepreneurs and opportunity seekers to learn how to leverage the Internet and technology to get more customers without dealing with the technical, marketing and overhead challenges that frustrate many entrepreneurs and small-business owners.

Zukul's products and systems are geared toward helping its Affiliate Members use the Internet to grow their businesses online, taking them from disenfranchisement to full self-empowerment.

Zukul was founded by: Jeremy Rush and Michael Bloom in 2014.

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Have you every wished you could make the big bucks like the pros do? Well now’s your chance to do just that because this system was built for one purpose and one purpose only. To Make Money!!

It was also designed to allow the average person a way to start making anywhere from a $1,000 a week to over $20,000 a week by just following our easy-to-follow system.

The latest new addition to Zukul is the $10 entry level funnel.
Your $10 gets you a landing page creator, an auto-responder
and training for these tools. Watch the video below for more details.




Turn Spending Habits Into Saving Habits
Launched on December 26th 2016

You will earn silver and gold with a single out of pocket expense of 40 euros.

Join us and our team will help you succeed in the most unique comp plan in the industry.

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Zukul Ad Network

Zukul Ad Network (ZAN) is owned by Jeremy Rush (the owner of Zukul) who has a decade long network marketing experience. He has closely studied why 95% of people fail in online marketing and is on a mission to change that. Every action he takes is designed to enhance and accelerate the income for the affiliates – just as an example he is transferring his own corporate profits from one business to another so that members can be in profit sooner. I do not know of any other business that has ever done that.

To be entitled to a share of the company profits, you need to be an active member. You do that by signing up and…

1. purchase ad packs.
2. earn 10% of every $ that your directly sponsored members spend in ZAN
3. affiliate earnings. This comes from your down line as they move higher through the 10 ad  pack levels.

You can chose one of two options to build your business. You can:

1. Find your own directs by promoting your own link.
2. Purchase your downline from ZAN here - 

Should you build your own team or let ZAN build it for you? If you already have a big list of people and are good at recruiting you may consider doing it alone. However, having said that, the Zukul family gains strength from the combined efforts of everyone and here lies our uniqueness. Alone we can only achieve so much while as a team we have no limits.