Welcome to my blog.

Phil Letourneau

People ask me what I do for a living and I tell them, I'm an internet marketer. Some people stop there and proceed on to another subject and others may ask what I market. When I mention advertising, bitcoin, gold, marketing tools, the conversation always stops there. I don't think anyone of them has a clue what I'm talking about.

It's all good though. I understand most people are still of that mindset that I left behind years ago. I remember those days of the J.O.B. mentality. Following the negative attitude of the people around me. Seemed so natural then. I still catch myself thinking or reacting to a comment in that way sometimes but then I quickly correct myself and return to my reality.

So, I've embraced this world of online marketing and investing. It is my full time occupation. But, unlike a job ,doesn't require 8 hours a day. I work an average of 2 hours per day and sometimes not all at once. I can spread the time out during the day.

I'm very proud of the present company I represent, Zukul.com. Since Autumn of 2014, they have grown and evolved into a successful online business. 2017 will show further inovations in the business plan making even more profits for it's members. All the latest information updates can be seen in the Zukul Opportunity tab above.